OTTS v1.5 as main standalone application
  • Experience the best connecting easy-to-use application with your friends!
    Organize something? Plan an event? Or simply have fun? What else than a simple small place to talk all together?
    Half chat / half forum : Smarter than a forum, OTTS will allow you to chat real time or offline and keeps trace of everyone's thoughts.
    Not to mention the optimized rendering on smartphones. And it supports RSS feeds!

  • Why OTTS? Because you want something easy, convenient, an application dedicated to sharing with others, but you don't want to configure a CMS, or you have no knowledge of dynamic programing, and oh my god no! You don't want to have to deal with a database. All you want is copy/paste an application and... It works!!

    More reasons could be found. But just try it out, this is worth a thousand explanations!

  • Try OTTS as : main standalone app | embedded app within website (it's worth trying with friends)
    Download OTTS source : version 1.5 | version 1.4
    OTTS help and documentation : please use forums | sourceforge project